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Dinosaur Locomotion - Dr. John Hutchinson -Evolutionary Biomechanist

Dr. John Hutchinson, Evolutionary Biomechanist

Dinosaur locomotion utilises the fragments of paleontological finds to piece together the mysteries of movement taken by these gigantic lizards. Professor John Hutchinson is a leading expert in the biomechanics and locomotion of large terrestrial creatures.

John regularly participates in science communication events worldwide, both in person and via the internet. His research has been featured in over 500 online/print news stories since 2002, and his team's work has appeared in 14 major TV documentaries including the BAFTA award-winning original "Inside Nature's Giants" programme, the 2015 hit "T. rex Autopsy" and the 2016 smash "Attenborough and the Giant Dinosaur". He was the 2012 winner of the British Science Festival's Charles Darwin Award. John also actively communicates science via social networking such as his personal Twitter account.

John runs a science-related personal blog, too: What's In John's Freezer? And his team has an anatomy blog/social media accounts for general audiences “Anatomy to You”:, Twitter @AnatomyToYou (started in 2016).

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